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Chris's love for dance music developed from an early age,from around the age of 10 he was well into the Breakdance Hip Hop scene gathering together the household audio equipment like dads music centre and sisters record deck he would rig up crude sound systems and play to friends and family.Progressing on from the Breakdance scene and investing in his first set of Technics 1200's and Realistic mixer from Tandy he was broadening his musical influences by buying early Chicago acid house compilations and 12" records.
By the time of the late 80's early 90's and the explosion of the rave scene in Manchester Chris had already been a seasoned house veteran and the abundance of clubs and raves fueled his passion more.Gaining more skills and an evergrowing record collection Chris soon started to get gigs at various venues up and down the country.The arrival of Chris's children changed his outlook on life and it was this together with the kaotic Dj lifestyle that Chris decided to call it a day and stop playing so he could concentrate on his family.
7 years whent by and Chris has started to play again,back stronger than ever with his signature quality sound that sends dancefloors into a frenzy he is whole heartedly embracing the digital era and all the creativity that technology can afford.
With no plans to shy off this time Chris is ready and willing to travel anywhere to deliver his sounds to up for it crowds.

2 x Technics 1210 mkII
2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000
Allen & Heath Zone 4 mixer
Native instruments Traktor S4 controller
Ableton Live 7 and Tracktor Scratch Pro
Pioneer HDJ 1000 LE Headphones

There are 4 mixes currently on the blog which can be found on the player ,the track listings for these mixes are on this blog under "Mix Track Listings".Demos also available on request.

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Monday, 28 February 2011

The return of radio Superfly

All those who tuned into radio superfly (http://superfly.listentomyradio.com)
will be pleased to know that the popular internet dance music station will be
broadcasting again within the next few weeks the show will be broadcast live
three times a week as before but unlike last time when the show was over,unless
you had recorded it,there was no chance of listening to the live mixes again.
This time the show will be recorded and put out on a podcast as soon as the show
has finished so you won't miss Chris and The feel good expeditionary force or any
of the quality guests the show will have on.

The shows producers did not get chance to apologise to all those who were supporting
the show as the last broadcast came very unexpectedly and although the show was due
to come off air anyway it was not scheduled until 3 weeks after the show whent off air.
The reason the show had to stop broadcasting was a mystery those who where used to air
the show would not let the shows admin log into their account thus putting a temporary
end to radio Superfly.

Better sound quality.
The decision to suspend the broadcast of radio Superfly was taken after a good portion
of it's listeners where feeding back reports of sub standard sound quality and frequent
broken streaming.On checking the shows statistics it was shown that there were a serious
amounts of listeners leaving after 10 - 15 minutes this together with the feedback was
telling us what the problem was. So it was decided after being informed that the stream
quality could not be improved,to move to a site that could offer and maintain a better
sounding broadcast stream.All those who listened into the previous show will notice the
difference right away and it is hoped that the superior sound quality will hold the
listeners attention far mor effectively than the previous stream,Fingers crossed.

Variation on the shows address
As the show has moved to a different stream provider it means that there will be a slightly
different address although the station will still be named Superfly the URL will be a little
different.The full details of this new URL/address will be posted in the next week or two.

Broadcast dates and times
Again this information will be disclosed within the next two weeks along with details of the
line up,there will also be a very very very special guest playing on the return night so keep
looking for the details on who it's going to be,if you feel the same about house music as we
do then you most certainly will not want to miss this.

New mix to be uploaded.

As from midnight tonight there will be a new mix on the blogs music player.The player isn't automatic and to listen the play button has to be pressed.You can also choose which mix you want to listen to by simply clicking on the title in the player window.Track listings for the new mix will be viewable on here aswell as through the link,as always your feedback is most welcome and i hope you enjoy.http://house-mixes.com/profile/fongy

I will also be posting a soundcloud link as soon as iv'e uploaded the music, all the mixes and more will be downloadable from soundcloud aswell.

Meebo Chatroom The Cellar

If you want to join the chatroom you will need the password which is (the guest list) and if you didn't get the title it's( The Cellar)

More USA Dates

July 15th - 17th sees me attending Camp Bisco in Albany,NY,USA not sure who else will be playing will find out and keep the post upto date.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Just got a new Agent.

Have had some good news of late,i have just been excepted by one of the most busy Dj agencies in the country so am happy about that,looks like things may be on the up again will post more information shortly on what's happening there ,also got an unofficial tech house remix of Farley Jackmaster Funks Love can't turn around in production,that's gonna be a few weeks yet as it's got to be perfect to do justice to the original,so am just having the fairy dust sprinkled on that and maybe it will get picked up,definately a tune though can't see why it won't.The radio show are asking for my services again so you can catch me live next saturday at 11pm-1am and making plans to travel to Houston,Texas to play a festival there.Again all the vids and pics will be able to be veiwed on this blog will make sure i get plenty of footage for that one as im informed that these events get realy busy,more gigs approaching at home need to confirm first before i post on them.see ya later.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Shops open!

There's now an exellent range of new and used Dj equipment being sold on this blog courtesy of Amazon,nuff said the rest is up to you.

Yousef.The Dj who never stops giving.

Yousef in action

Yousef is without any doubt one of the greatest house Dj's of all time and this isn't just my opinion his status in the dance music industry speaks for itself.The Liverpool Dj started his rise to house music stardom by winning a competition in a popular music magazine,the rest is ,as they say "History".

I first heard Yousef play in the Annexe at Cream in the late 90's and from that very first time myself and friends knew we were listening to someone very special.His seamless mixing and choice of tunes are just premiere,suffice to say i have never listened to one of his mixes and not wanted a copy of it,it's the musical equivalence of crack but please don't think thats a bad thing i just mean it's highly addictive.Since the early days of his carrer at Cream Yousefs popularity has grown immensely aswell as having his own show on Radio 1 his international outings have taken him to every continent on the planet.
Like the title of this post says he's the Dj that never stops giving,having been into the scene for many years prior to the appearence of Yousef,our interest and passion for house had started to wain but Yos soon re-affirmed our faiths and it was like we were 15 again right at the beginning of everything when the buzz of the rave and club scene started to blow up and it seemed that folk just lived for the weekend and going out.Thats what yousef and his musical style did for me and if it did it for me then it must have had the same effect on other house music lovers.His generosity towards those who follow what he's doing is on a level that most other Dj's and artists won't or can't match.Access to his live sets are superb when others are making commercial enterprises out of their live mixes Yousef is offering them for free and after reading some comments between himself and his fans you begin to realise that he is not in it for the money.There aren't many Dj's with the same status as Yousef who would allow their mixes to be accessed for free you can bet your bottom dollar other high profile jocks would want money for what Yousef gives for free.And as if thats not enough he gives us the superb Circus.Running for a good few years now Yousef's Circus has well and truly filled the void that Cream left and rather than just use his Dj and producer status to just Dj around the world he decided to put on his own parties thus giving back that ,that could have easily been lost from Liverpool.It can't be said that this man is all take as he clearly has given plenty back to a scene that obviously loves him.Yousef we pay tribute.

Want to listen to Yousef?Then here are some links,enjoy.

Yousef's website


A new site is set to be launched in the comming month House music heroes is a site that blows the trumpets of all Dj's who play house aswell as focusing on other things such as clubs,festivals,record labels,new releases,classics and music technology.Theres also going to be links to other sites where you can download mixes by your fav Dj's galore, for free!Can't be bad? Looking forward to that if you love House as much as i do then this sites gonna be very handy.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Going Equipt pt 2

Going Equipt pt 2 will be on the blog player from next Tuesday,part 1 has already had hundreds of downloads and the second part is equaly as good,sure to be lots of folk wanting to get their hands on this groove infested electronic giveaway.The track listing for the mix will appear on this blog as soon as it's been uploaded.Set a memo for next Tuesday!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Track listing info

Track listings for the mixes on the player can be found at http://house-mixes.com/profile/fongy
The track list for the mix titled Radio superfly is at the above URL.