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Chris's love for dance music developed from an early age,from around the age of 10 he was well into the Breakdance Hip Hop scene gathering together the household audio equipment like dads music centre and sisters record deck he would rig up crude sound systems and play to friends and family.Progressing on from the Breakdance scene and investing in his first set of Technics 1200's and Realistic mixer from Tandy he was broadening his musical influences by buying early Chicago acid house compilations and 12" records.
By the time of the late 80's early 90's and the explosion of the rave scene in Manchester Chris had already been a seasoned house veteran and the abundance of clubs and raves fueled his passion more.Gaining more skills and an evergrowing record collection Chris soon started to get gigs at various venues up and down the country.The arrival of Chris's children changed his outlook on life and it was this together with the kaotic Dj lifestyle that Chris decided to call it a day and stop playing so he could concentrate on his family.
7 years whent by and Chris has started to play again,back stronger than ever with his signature quality sound that sends dancefloors into a frenzy he is whole heartedly embracing the digital era and all the creativity that technology can afford.
With no plans to shy off this time Chris is ready and willing to travel anywhere to deliver his sounds to up for it crowds.

2 x Technics 1210 mkII
2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000
Allen & Heath Zone 4 mixer
Native instruments Traktor S4 controller
Ableton Live 7 and Tracktor Scratch Pro
Pioneer HDJ 1000 LE Headphones

There are 4 mixes currently on the blog which can be found on the player ,the track listings for these mixes are on this blog under "Mix Track Listings".Demos also available on request.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sole Burner,as in sole of your shoe!

A new mix is now on the blogs music player it can be downloaded from my Soundcloud page,this mix was done for Netlabel Radio in Holland,it was broadcasted on the 05/03/2011 and is just short of 40mins long,as always heres the track list,enjoy.

Chris Fong Sole Burner
Track List

 1/Trevor Rockcliffe - Cani hit it?
 2/Rosario Internullo - Taifas (Alex Celler dub)
 3/Deepsound - Tech (Milton Channels rmx)
 4/Dave Seaman & Funkagenda - The Mighty Ming (Original club mix)
 5/Mario Aureo - Talking Drums (patlac rmx)
 6/Phil Dan - Regulate (Hector Couto let the groove mix)
 7/Cobert - everybody can speak african (original mix)
 8/Mark Knight - Devil walking (original)
 9/Farley Jackmaster funk - love can't turn around (original mix)

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Heres the Sound cloud link i said i would post http://soundcloud.com/chrisfong
I have yet  to have all my music uploaded to the site but it will make downloading my material and performances easier,Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Don't touch that dial!

There's a brilliant new radio tuner just been added to the blog,it's situated towards the bottom of the page and specialises in three dance genres,Tech house,progressive house and Deep house.There's hundreds of stations from across the world simply click on the genre your interested in and press play and if it's not what your looking for click the change station button,this button works for each genre so the choice of stations are vast,i had a listen earlier and there are some superb channels i was busy and struggled to turn it off,if your a dance music fan then this radio tuner will have something to offer.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Going Equipt part 2 now available on the music player.

The second part of Going equipt has been uploaded onto the blogs music player as promised,the track list is included in this post.Those wanting to download the music that is featured on this blog can here is the link http://house-mixes.com/profile/fongy   Please be aware that you may be asked to register with the site that holds the mixes before you can download,alternatively you can get all the music featured on here and more to download from my soundcloud page which WILL be ready within the next 48 hours(Appologies for the wait)or you can leave me your email address and i will send you the requested mix/s as a RAR file to your inbox.I will post the Soundcloud link tommorrow evening or early Saturday morning.Many thanks to those who have downloaded my mixes already your support is very valuable to me,anyway heres the track list for Chris Fong Going Equipt pt2.Enjoy!
Track List:
 1/UNKLE - Heavy Drug(King uniques smoke nest mix)
 2/Hipp E - Major waves(John Aquaviva & Oliver Giacomotto mix)
 3/Phunk Investigation - Blackjack(Blacktron rmx)
 4/Peace Division - Eh oh um
 5/Inner city - Big fun(Simian mobile disco rmx)
 6/X-press 2 - AC/DC
 7/Dr Kucho - Patricia never leaves the house
 8/Jon Creamer & Stephane K - I love you(Original mix)
 9/Christian Smith - Indecent exposure
10/Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel - Heyaah(original mix)
11/Danilo Vigorito - Bolt
12/Tim Deluxe - Jack it
13/Dave Seaman - Gobbeldygook(Funkagenda Repulse mix)
14/DCM - This won't be titled music(Krumstoff rmx)
15/Tyrell - Lalalalala

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Going Equipt pt 2

The second part of Going Equipt will be loaded onto the music player sometime today,i did want to upload it before the Funk rebelion set but have only just had the recording sent back to me from the studio.The track listings will be posted on here aswell as the link to the site where it can be downloaded,the track listing will be there also.
I would just like to thank those who helped with the Going Equipt sessions your services are appreciated as always.

Track listings for Chris Fong@Funk rebelion

Well here they are as promised the track listings for the new uploaded mix which can be played via the music player .Enjoy.

Track Listings
 1/Meat Loaf-You took the words(Hot summers night)intro
 2/Samuel L Sessions - Body & Soul
 3/Paul Ritch - Split the line(Dubfire mega mix)
 4/Oliver Giacamotto - Back down(Save the robot rmx)
 5/Aki Berman - Alma del dios(Loko rmx)
 6/Alex Celler - La palma(Dj Madskillz rmx)
 7/Reset Robot - Snippa
 8/Shonky - Time zero(Paul Ritch rmx)
 9/Alex Celler - Nymphoz
10/Deep Sounds - Tech(Milton Channels rmx)
11/Leftfeild - Not forgoten(Timo Garcia & Gus one rmx)
12/Luca Agneli - Ah(Pirupa rmx)
13/Rob G - Dirty Bitch
14/Funkagenda - Shogun
15/Zander VT - Try some more
16/David Tort - Acid(Lost in Acid ausfahrt mix)
17/Marco Corona - Bario Latino(flat mix)
18/Phunk investigation -Blackjack(Blacktron remix)